Hashtags – The Coding our Lives

hashtagHappy Hashtags

Each of us is codified with our personal hashtags. #Mom, #doctor #actor or #child are examples of our never-ending list of possible hashtags. Each of these tags enforces responses depending on the moment or events of the moment. A woman, who has the hashtag #mom, walks in the park.  She hears a child yell out ‘MOM.’ Instinctively she will turn her head.

These tags or identifiers are useful if used to perform a function or action. An individual #firefighter is better equipped at a house fire than the local #pharmacist. Dropping the hashtag at will is the issue. A #son or #wife needs to lose the tag when it is time to go to work and become a #employee. That’s the great thing about these handy little tags. From moment to moment they can get linked and unlinked when needed.

Dropping Tags

Hashtags The problem comes as we start collecting and becoming the hashtags that get assigned or that we assign to self. Living up to all of them becomes burdensome. Being a #dad, #son, #worker, #adult, #musician, and #human all at one time can be quite stifling. The demands and conflicts make it difficult to be efficient at any one thing at the moment.

Here a thought, what if we could just drop all the hashtags in a moment. Just like a new social post, for any given moment we can add a new hashtag at will. Each moment is a unique and clean slate that we can assign an old hashtag, a new hashtag or no hashtags at all. Then we could pick and choose who we want or need to be at a moments notice or just simply be.

Rejoice at the creative energy of the all-powerful hashtag for they afford us the ability to create our world as we envision it at a moments notice.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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