The Fine Line of Sincerity

Walking the Line


People of Goodwill

People of Goodwill face the challenge of self-preservation. As they are doing whatever it is, that is the mission of the day; there is the matter of agenda. We and many others are out trying to make a positive change for the betterment of all. Yet, we still require sustenance.

While we were designing our websites that would convey the theme of ‘Connection through Good Communication,’ there was, of course, a form of commerce to support the effort. While showing friends our ideas and designs, they loved the idea and the intention to encourage compassion throughout the world while making an income. Without exception, each one stated with a tone of disapproval, “You’re going to make money doing this.”

Social Entrepreneurship

We said, “Of course, but as a social entrepreneurial business, we intend to create awareness for the need for kindness and good communication between everyone while making a living. This path creates the fine line because there is an opinion that kind natured souls are tainted once there is money involved. Since our purpose is more about making a difference, we maintain our established direct mail business to help support our goal.”

Doctors, Personal Coaches, Inspirational Authors, Academics, and Social Workers all go into their fields with the intent to make a difference in the world. Many make an incredible lifestyle while they have a significant effect on many people and living things that would have suffered without them.

People of Goodwill

We are writing this so people of goodwill do not get discouraged that they should live in poverty to prove their mission is pure of heart. In our day and age, money is the energy that fuels the engine. An engine of prosperity for all still requires the fuel of the day.

As we attempt to join in with the people of goodwill in the world, we stay balanced on our fine line of sincerity so we can live to make a difference each and every day.

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