The Act of Advancing

Advancing all the time

As we get wrapped up in our day to day activities, we sometimes miss how far our projects or desires advanced. Every time we start a project, there is a sense of enthusiasm for the final creation of the end product.

Advancing projectRecently we built a privacy wall for our deck with a built-in fire pit. During the visualization of the project, we had to draw plans and figure out the material list. Shortly after, we purchased the materials and had them picked up or delivered. With the growing anticipation, waiting for all the items to arrive gave us a feeling of impatience. Finally a week later all the materials were on site.

Making progressAs we began working on the project, there was a lot of preparation, and it felt like it was taking forever. We had to dig, put in posts, lay down a cinder block foundation and so on. Once this was all completed the deck looked like a war zone. There were holes everywhere. Random poles sticking out of the ground and lots of heavy work ahead of us.

Making Progress

Deck ProjectEach day felt like the project was moving like molasses. All we wanted was to sit in front of our firepit behind our beautiful privacy wall. Then one day the project started to take shape. The railings were finished, the privacy wall planks were being installed, and the floor around the firepit was almost Privacy Wallcomplete. We could see our envisionment coming into existence. Naturally, as we could see the project coming to fruition, the momentum of its completion felt like it was speeding up. Just like magic, one day it was complete, and we were having a cup of coffee sitting in front of a roaring fire.

Privacy Wall completedThis seems to be a pattern with every project we undertake. First, we plan, then organize followed by massive action advancing all the way to completion.

In the act of advancing sometimes, there is a mirage that makes one feel they are not getting anywhere. But in our experience, we always seem to get where we are going.

When the traveling gets tough, and the line of sight is seems obscured…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

Shazam, a beautiful plateau appears with an incredible view.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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