The Happy Alphabet

Alphabet Girl A Alphabet ya, you’ll feel good

Here is a fun routine to feeling good inside. Say the alphabet and assign a positive word to each letter. Make each letter count, and it is okay if a lot of positive words come to mind for each letter. The more positive words, the merrier.

A – Amazing
B – Beautiful
C – Calm
D – Destiny
E – Easy
F – Flowing
G – Great
H – Happy
I – Inspire
J – Jubilation
K – Kindness
L – Love
M – Momentum
N – Nice
O – Outstanding
P – Phenomenal
Q – Quintessential
R – Radiance
S – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
T – Terrific
U – Unprecedented
V- Valentine
W – Wonderful
Y – Yummy
Z – Zeal

AlphaBet BoyHere is the magic. As each new positive word comes to mind, the activity naturally raises spirits. Upon completion, we always feel better. Though the original challenges, obstacles or problems may still be orbiting our space, there is a little more clarity. Sometimes a solution can come to mind, or the issue evaporates altogether. At the very least we come up 26 great words we can use in our future 365 days of positive.

Finding positive words to help any situation is as easy as ABC.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spead Goodwill


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