A Play on Words

Playing with our Words

scrabble wordsSome words give us strength in moments of accomplishment and some words that soften turbulent times. When we use these words, the feeling of distress can be replaced with the light of hope. For example, going to work can be replaced with going to make our life more comfortable. Making life comfortable is more inspiring than doing work. Cleaning up a mess can be called beautifying. Everyone enjoys a beautiful environment. When the weather is freezing cold, we can call it a brisk day. A sweltering hot day could be called tropical.

words artAs we strengthen the words to inspire happiness or drive, we can feel the momentum pushing us forward in an enjoyable state. A family event becomes a party, and a project becomes an opportunity. As we exaggerate and stretch words into thoughts of our will, it creates a world in our image. Not to say we are blind to reality, with a little softening or embellishment gives us the power to make the most of every moment.

Loving WordsSo today as we created our life’s work, it was a wonderfully wet day as the plants around us were watered. There’s nothing like the beautiful sound of rain on the roof and wooshing into puddles while tapping at a keyboard or producing something marvelous.

From us to all of you, have a beautiful day, playing with the best words possible.

Today we’re finding the best words that give power to the wonderful and diminishes the moments of discord.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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