The All-Powerful ‘Paper Bag’

Paper bagPaper Bag Power

If a paper bag were placed over one’s head and body, it would be almost impossible to punch a hole in it to escape. If enough effort were put into the battle, eventually a hole would lead to freedom. With all the energy used to create the opening, it would be much simpler to lift the bag back over one’s head.

What You See is What You Get

We believe that we create what we think about whether we want it or not. There are two ways to consider a desire. One way is to think creatively about what is actually wanted. The other way is to contemplate what is not desired. Often something wished for as unwanted can come true. It is far better to consider what is wanted. It seems that the essence of a declaration is created whether or not it is a wanted or unwanted desire.

hocus pocusHocus Pocus on What’s in Focus

When continually focusing on all the things that are not wanted, each undesired result, item or situation seems to appear magically. Fighting the unwelcome events is much like trying to punch out of a paper bag placed over the head and body. The intense powerlessness can be overwhelming. (WOW, this paragraph is not too ‘positive’)

What you see is what you getA New View

Each of our thoughts requires some evaluation. Is the contemplation of the thought in a ‘wanted’ version or ‘unwanted’ version? To determine this, we search for the words NOT, CAN’T, DON’T or any other negative modifier. If the thought is the unwanted version with a negative modifier, we try to recognize it. Then we work out the desired version of the notion. For example “I hope we don’t get lost.” could be replaced with “We will find our way easily.”

Knowledge is Power

knowlegde is powerWe study and practice this technique every day. With each passing day, it is becoming easier as we are starting to distinguish between the difference. The results are promising as we realize our goals more clearly. The knowledge that we have learned on how to lift the paper bag back over our head and body is exhilarating and liberating. (WOW, this paragraph is much more positive!)


How do we become more able, clear-minded, optimistic and most importantly more loving?
Study, practice, and master living positive.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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