The Methodology of Our Understanding

understandingUnderstanding Each Other

Not everyone sees things in the same way. Some see all the little details and how they come together. Others see the entire scope of things and the effect rather than the causes. Though the conclusions may be the same, it’s the methodology of understanding and perception that differs.

the thinkerIt’s All in the Approach

There are many approaches to processing information. Two of which we call technical and the other broadminded. The technical method is very scholastic pulling knowledge from various sources and experiences often focused on the details rather than the entire scope. The broadminded approach can easily see the whole picture overlooking the many little details yet have a perfect understanding of a situation or problem. Either approach in the extreme, only broad-minded or only technical, might be considered less effective. A blend of both creates exciting possibilities that can lead to fantastic solutions or creations.

Are We ‘T’ or ‘B’?

Each has their own approach to problem-solving and learning. Understanding these approaches helps open the mind to the endless comprehension of each other’s points of view. If person ‘T’ (technical) and person ‘B’ (broad-minded) work together in harmony, the cooperation could create just about anything. It seems that behind every broad-minded idea stands a group of techies ready and willing to put the little pieces together.

Dave and Wendy

Dave is a broad-minded thinker, and Wendy is very technical. Often we find ourselves in conflict when coming to solutions, being that both of us is at the opposite side of the thought approach spectrum. Each of us, strongminded in our thought process has learned to embrace the others nature. This symbiotic orbit has produced a fantastic team.

We are learning to accept ourselves and others for who they are and how they think about things. This acceptance could be one of the answers to world unity (broad-minded) or at least lead to everlasting friendships (technical).

Each day we work to achieve understanding and acceptance for each other, ourselves and those around us.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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