The Energy of a Family Moment

Forever Family

Family momentsThe other day we had a wonderful get together with our family. Everyone was happy, and the energy in the room was intense. Each person shared in each other’s fun stories and opinions. Debating over perspectives, talking of current adventures and reminiscing past journeys and trips the conversations flowed. It dawned on us how incredibly happy we were to be together and sharing the day.

Although the family does not always agree, and sometimes an argument arises out of misunderstandings, the bond is strong. As we listen to each conversation, the underlining emotion of love was powerful. There was no judgment, ego or entitlement. The only feeling present was unity and enjoyment of each other’s company.

love family laughterWhen a group of people, related or not, genuinely have a love for each other the connection is powerful. Good emotions feed off one another growing internal strength, self-contentment, and synergy.

For a moment, it was bliss. More than happiness, the day was a blessing of euphoria that proved to us there is something greater than ourselves. The day ended, and everyone began to go home yet the glorious spirit of our family bond lingered. It felt good for we realized how blessed and lucky we are.

Sharing FamilyFor us, bonding with family gives inner strength to grow with compassion and spread the feeling. We continue the bond by connecting to the world with care.


Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

Family Love

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