The Universal Song

universal SongSinging the Universal Song

There is a melody heard in the soul. It is the universal song growing inside our mind. Each planet hums softly. All the stars are chords. Every celestial sound is in the melody. The beating heart of humanity keeps time with sweet unity. All in a choir, each singing its part of the musical score of the universal song.

As we blend our voices in sweet accord, loving each other with compassion’s tender embrace. Earth’s breath blows through the trees counters the noise for those who will listen to the dulcet resonance. The clouds rain hits the ground and adds to the beat like ripples of kindness that shower the world.

Universal Harmony Each day we take a moment and listen to the beautiful serenade sung together as one. Sung by all and everything, not by just one. The way we write our part and give it to the world will add to the ballad for better or worse. It can make a change towards well-being or miss written it will not. Luckily, when we blunder or sing out of tune, the note only rings once and we write a new part.

Each lifetime it seems is in the musical score, with limited lines, yet unlimited verse. As we stay in harmony with life’s purpose of love, we echo the sounds of jubilation and treasured happiness resounds.

As our heart joins along with this beautiful song of love, if we listen to its beat we can never go wrong.

Listen to the song in your heart and dance to the marvelous rhythm. Sing in unison with the beating pulse and resonate your sentimental harmony. Blend in your creative vision with colorful counterpoint.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

March to your Heart

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