Celebrate the Simplicity of Connection

Celebrate the Interconnection

celebrate our ConnectionThere is an invisible coexistence that exists throughout the world. Humanity is so interdependent that the slightest misbalance can throw the world in a tailspin. This dependency is equivalent to the balance of nature. Celebrate each other, and one another’s part in this complex system of simple connections.

The Simplicity

FarmerA farmer tends his crops, milks his cows and harvests eggs from the hen house. His son brings vegetables, milk, and eggs to the market. The local restaurant owner purchases the items for a fair price. The young boy brings the money home to his family. With the earnings from the market, the farmer goes to town to purchase a new tractor. He buys it from the local tradesman at the general store.

Celebrate Each OtherThe tradesman gets a fair price for the tractor and has made a profit. In celebration, the tradesman takes his family out for breakfast at the local restaurant. The family orders eggs, hash browns, and the children have milk with their meal. The restaurant owner earns a fair price for the meal. He takes part of the earnings to pay his rent and the rest he brings to the farmers market and purchases, eggs, vegetable and milk from the local farmer’s son.

As simplistic as this story seems, it is an actuality of humanities existence. It looks complex because there are so many people in the world. We celebrate the world because we are part of the fantastic enterprise call humankind and the interconnected civilization we have become.

When we look at our possessions, food and the organized world, we give gratitude to those that have toiled to bring it into existence.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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