In the Beginning

CreationThere is something glamorous about the beginning. A thought or idea about something inspiring carries with it a lot of energy. If the concept has enough power, it can very likely come into realization. There is a long haul between conception to birth and then birth to viability.

The first hurdle is giving birth to an idea. There is a lot of responsibility once a brainchild is released into the world. There could be a lot of work ahead for someone who decides to follow a moment of inspiration.

Along the path from the birth of an idea to its viability, there are many messy bits. This is particularly factual in the creation of something new. Unlike a well-paved path, one must build a new road. Making a new road gets a little tricky when one does not precisely know where it is going or how to even create a road. The brave will pave anyway.

dawn of creationAs one creates, there is a sort of incredible freedom in all the successful actions. Yet there is a price as one must also work out any errors or obstacles. Perceptions of others also make the vision of the new road somewhat clouded. A creator needs to learn to sift through others input and ideas, only plucking out the ones that will be helpful and enhance a vision. Knowing which are good and not so good, that’s the challenge.

The Art of Creating

Creating is like painting on a blank canvas, the choice of color, medium and image is entirely up to the artist. The flip side is that the painter is wholly responsible for the painting. At first, the picture or new idea looks like a mess as the raw elements are put together. With a little time, dedication and drive, things begin to get a bit more clear, and much of the cartist canvashaos begins to take shape.

Still, there can be a long way to the final realization. Once a goal is achieved, it is often a plateau that can be rested on to muster up the energy for the next endeavor.

Personally, we love the act of creating something new. It gives the mind the freedom to dig into the crevasses to find unexpected solutions which are often beautiful.

As we continue on our creative course, our path always seems to bring us somewhere unusual. We learn, we live, and we grow as meet new and beautiful people along our road.

Even if utter failure is the final destination, the adventure is ‘In the Beginning.’ Victory, failure, or somewhere in the middle, there is hope & promise when following a dream.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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