The Illusion of a Stone Wall

Seeing past the illusionĀ of a stone wall

A babies point of ViewWhen babies are born, the entire world is the eyes of their parents. As an infant grows, the world becomes exponentially larger including a crib, playroom, backyard, etc. It is as if there is an illusion of a stone wall blocking the vision until the discovery of what is on the other side.

As we proceed into school, the world opens further, yet there is always something more to know or to see. When some individuals accuse others of having ‘Blinders on,’ it is inaccurate. We are born with blinders on, and with new knowledge and understanding, the blinders lift a little at a time. When we refuse to learn or experience new things we fail to remove the proverbial blinders leaving ourselves open to mistakes or failure.

Sunshine peeking through the leaves

sunshine through the leavesAs we look outside the window during the summer, the leaves of the tree block our view of the sky. The sky is still there, and we are sure of this because as the seasons change the leaves slowly fall unblocking our view. By the winter, we have a clear view of the sky. Of course as adults, we know by experience that the sky is there whether we see it or not. Until the day we know about the sky, it is not there for us, despite its reality.

The attainment of knowledge works the same way. We do not know what we do not know. We also must verify the facts about the things we think we understand, have been told or believe we have seen. When we refuse to take off the blinders, we live with the illusion of a stone wall obscuring the infinite possibility of discovery.

Illusion of a stone wallWith each new picture of knowledge and understanding, we see more clearly as blinders lift and the stone wall obscuring our vision comes tumbling down.

Discovering one new thing every day accumulates 365 days of wondrous knowledge

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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