It’s not about Us

ListenUnderstanding it is not about us

When lending an ear to a friend or family member to listen to their troubles, we must remember that their problems are not about us. Often we identify ourselves with their issues because we care and love them. Our attentive understanding and willingness to hear should be the extent of our involvement.  Opinions or advice is often not desirable because we might not understand the entire picture. When asked what we think, we can respond in such a way to redirect the question to them. What is good for us may not be an answer for someone else.

Silence is goldenSilence is Golden

So, we keep the advice mild and opinions on silent as our loved ones tell us their dilemma. Of course, we love them, and we want to help them so they can find resolve and be happy once more. This is a difficult task because sometimes as we listen, we could form an opinion. There are times that we may have had the same issue ourselves. Even still, we are gentle with our recommendations in hopes that our compassionate listening will ease their burden. Often the act of our empathic listening opens their mind to solutions they may not have realized prior.

Sturdy treeEmpowering Support

Even as we journey forward with compassion and lovingness towards our fellows, we keep our place and help the best we can. Through the support of impartial listening and understanding, our actions will have a soothing effect. We become approachable and trustworthy with our unbias nature and open-minded integrity. With love and patience, we can be as strong and resilient as the sturdy and silent trunk that supports the weight of a massive tree. The real power of resolving a problem is when a solution is found within oneself.

When a friend has a problem, we can open our ears and listen with our heart.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

It's not about us

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