The Line between Bliss and Woe

The line between bliss and woeFinding Our Bliss

There is a choice open to all of us to march along the line of bliss or woe. There is an imaginary line between joyful emotions and all the feelings that weigh heavy on our spirit. This line itself is thin as a quantum particle becoming its own highway on either side. On one side is paradise and on the other side is misery. The drive on how thin the line is and how delicate our decisions are, affect which side of the line we are on. We can just stay on the thin line itself. The thin line is neutral and safe.

Being aware of this neutral space allows us to know the gravity between each side of the line. One side pulls us one way while the other pulls us back.

Yin YangJust like a battery with a positive and negative charge. Both sides are necessary and accepted as part of its functionality. This knowledge enables us to be the controllers of our emotional state. Day to day we operate trying to keep in better spirits leaning toward the brighter side.

Walking the quantum line between bliss and woe, a balancing act not to be overwhelmed by the state of mind of which side we are led.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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