It’s Reaction Time

Spirited ReactionEmbracing the Spirited Reaction

There are times when individuals face severe situations. Sometimes there is a terrible mistake, or someone breaks trust. There could be poor health issues or personal loss. All these situations require a reaction.

A few ways of reaction:

  • Retreat – When running away from problems, problems tend to follow. Individuals become unreliable in their eyes as well as in the eyes of others.
  • Bypass – Going around the truth of things keeps terrible situations always in mind. Problems can grow way out of proportion to the original event. Bypassing creates more heartbreak and often causes separation from those involved.
  • Reject – To reject the problem is to impose blame. Blame empowers whatever or whoever gets blamed. It is disempowering to self-willpower.
  • Yield – Caving in and falling apart removes all responsibility. Individuals carry the blame and shame for things they have done or the things inflicted upon them. Yielding leads to a search for pity without a desire for solutions.
  • Embrace – Embracing loss, obstacles, errors or betrayal, will begin to heal each incident with understanding, compassion, or grace. Each reaction is empowering through finding solace or solutions.

There are many ways to react, handle or resolve any issues good or bad.  We embrace each wonderful or troublesome incident, making it part of our life. We can learn to live with the knowledge that we always do our best.

As we embrace our troubles, mistakes or losses, we feel inner strength, and our spirit grows.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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