The Mighty Shift of Self -Empowerment

self-worthThe concept of ‘not having self-worth’ to ‘having self-worth’ is made with a mighty shift of personal empowerment. Often it is only a small turn of one’s attention. Through life we are often told that we can’t, it’s impossible or other misguided advice which leaves us with some doubt about ourselves. There are also times when being mistreated lowers self-esteem to a very dark place.

To put this mildly and without being specific, this sometimes leads us to feelings of misgivings along with discontentment with what we do have. Yet, with a simple turn of the head, we can look back at all we have and hold it in great appreciation reducing these feelings into oblivion.

Also, if we can appreciate the achievements or accomplishments of others, without envy, our eyes may open up to lead us to our own betterment. Other’s can inspire us to feel hope and confidence.

There is no regret in imperfection

If we live too often in a state of regret, we blind ourselves to all we have achieved and enjoyed in life. Most would agree they would not change their past with the risk of losing all that is loved. Therefore, regret becomes obsolete leaving only the probability of a better tomorrow. So the only real regret of the day is spending way too much time pining a yesterday that can never be changed.

So, we can turn our attention to now and create a fantastic tomorrow living the best we can with all we have. With all the extra time and energy that opens up when we stop regretting or looking back at our imperfect past, we can move forward with better momentum.

When we freely empower ourselves, will things be perfect? Most likely not, but when they’re not, at least we know it’s our fault. We can then keep moving forward on our own accord while embracing some well-earned self-worth.

Our lives are so precious and relatively short. Understanding this value in your heart can be used as a core principle of self-worth.

It can be said that when blaming others for your troubles, you give others all your power. Happily take the blame for everything and feel all the power shift back on your shoulders.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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