Grunts, Groans and Growls

How did humankind go from grunts, groans, growls and hand gestures to magnificent vocal expression? Before there was a way to articulate, did humans always have big thoughts? Without words how did we communicate our ideas?

We have come to a conclusion that humans simply made up words so they could express specific thoughts and feelings. Sure there are many theories on the evolution, but in the end, we have language. Thought in word-usage is a linguistic’s nightmare. As we carefully track the origin of some words, the original forms look and sound a lot like a grunt.

Our Wonderful ‘Made Up’ Language

As we type all these made up words with the hypothetical rules about sentence structure, our long-winded messages get across. When something seems made up, we can be sure it is. Because in using the genius of the mind, everything, one way or another is made up or created.

When we look around at the wild kingdom, which is where our predecessors may have originated, there is not a lot of talking going on. Yet there is quite a lot of communication. When lions hunt, they ‘communicate.’ The head lioness gives the signal, and the hunt is on. To the chagrin of the elk, the dialogue is very clear. Early humans also had to deal with a predator or two. We would not be here if they didn’t make up a word to alert the clan. Maybe it was ‘RUN!!!’

There is one thing that sets humanity apart from the neighboring critters and wildlife. It is our creative imagination. With such a gift, it was inevitable that communicating some big thoughts would require a vibrant and artistic language.

Our beautiful grunts and groans evolved into the vocal eloquence of today. As we express our opinions, we keep in mind that some of our prattle may still sound like grunting to those with different cultures, ideas or philosophies.

When expressing oneself, other’s may not understand the words. Words uttered with kindheartedness and soft-spoken gestures are easily interpreted with appreciation.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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