The Pause of a Thoughtful Silence

sunset-and a Thoughtful SilenceThere are times in our lives when we feel blessed with the magical gift of being able to pause before we speak our mind. Some call it a mental governor others call it tact. The name for this pause is not as important than the thoughtful silence itself.

Considering what we say to one another is essential, especially when we are writing it in an email or on social lines were taking things out of context is the current norm.

As we speak to the people we care about in person; in writing or online, their feelings are the primary concern. Often if we don’t have the full story or there can be a misunderstanding of the nature of a situation. There is a need for fact-finding and verifying all the information before we can form an opinion or put our two cents in. Most of the time there is no reason to express an opinion, and often we do not have a right to have one.

There are plenty of times when one’s opinion is necessary, and it is time to take a stand. These are the times to formulate an understanding and express ourselves with the highest amount of compassion possible. It is always the intent to alleviate. Pointing fingers of blame will never help anything. Naturally, there will still be someone or a few at fault, but it does not matter. A solved problem is always the goal.

Peace is not the lack of conflict; peace is the willingness to have enough compassion for the other opinion so that a compromise can come about soothing the anguish of discord.

We mind our thoughts and hold our tongue, pausing with a moment of thoughtful silence.

A thoughtful silence, a crucial pause before speaking with kindness and consideration.

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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