The Road Signs along the Way

road signsIn the observation of flowing traffic have you ever noticed a vehicle that is speeding up and slowing down continually? As a car approaches to pass, the other car speeds up. Shortly after being overtaken, the car slows down again to the original speed.

At first, you would think the action is purposeful. If you are the one passing, you may even become a little disturbed. We don’t believe that it is on purpose at all.

Going with the Flow

While driving down the highway, we witness vehicles with drivers that seem to be going with the flow. The drivers seem to ebb and flow with the movement of the other cars somewhat not present in the actual act of driving. It’s a little scary if you think about it too much.

Unfortunately, these same cars are likely the ones that make quick exits off the highway from the left lane. Luckily most individuals are quite present in the driving effort and manage to avoid the potential for an accident.

The Highway of Life

There are road signs along the way as we drive down the highway of life. If we behave like the cars going with the flow, we could miss our exit or have to act erratically to get to the off ramp of opportunity. It is important to stay present as we drive along reading every road sign of opportunity. Being ever present, we may discover new towns or even a place we didn’t realize existed.

Ultimately as we get better at reading the road signs of opportunity, we may graduate from driving the highway of life to the builder of signs.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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