The Sections of Our Life

calendarA lifetime, neatly divided into little parts or sections still make up a whole. Years, months, weeks and days, we count in chunks delineating our calendar. Hours, minutes, and seconds are our moment to moment timekeepers. There are also divisions of development named and categorized, baby, toddler, adolescent, adult, and senior.

A lifetime is a fantastic adventure made up of experiences, learning and if we are lucky, amazing adventures. By some unspoken rule, we divide our existence with a calendar, clock or our annual celebration of birth. No matter how we divide and subdivide a lifetime, we always have the one clockpilgrimage from this dawn to dusk.

We can live each moment intentionally adding significance to our personal legacy. Striving to make an enduring impression, we hope to be remembered for our conduct, carrying forward as we ascend onto our next journey.

Virtuous or nefarious, the manner in which we will be thought of is seldom up to us. We can only do our best during each segment of our lifetime.

A well-lived life is a sweet apple pie shared in as many pieces as possible, making each new slice as sweet as the first.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

Stages of a lifetime

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