Laughter is the Best Medicine

Live Better with Laughter

Laughter is contagious, and we love to laugh. This happiness brings on a genuine feeling of joy. Laughter is so important to people that they will actively seek out a good reason to laugh.

A great gift for anyone is a moment of laughter. By joking or sending a funny image over the phone, we can invoke a good giggle making the day fun. Try to stay away from critical humor which is often at another’s expense. Although the amusement may be funny, the target of the joke may not feel so good. Life should be enjoyable to everyone, so we must always laugh with each other.

Smiling faceI smile, You smile, We all smile

A sincere smile is just as contagious as a scowl. Mother Theresa once said, ‘Let us all meet each other with a smile for a smile is the beginning of love.’ So if a smile leads to love than a scowl would be a lousy way to greet anyone. At first, we may have to be conscious about smiling as we welcome everyone we meet. Over time it will become a good habit. Meeting each other with a welcoming smile makes us more approachable by everyone. This nature will lead to new friendships and connections. Most of all, living with a smile on our face will make us glow on the inside. This way we will be giving ourselves a little love as well.

A Show of Respect

Good MannersGood manners show others that you have respect for them. Respect for each other grows friendships and trust. Building a circle of friends and associates who have confidence and regard for one another is the strongest cooperative in the world. United each can rely upon each other to help during times of need.

Life feels better when lived with a sense of well-being. We have found that some of the ways to do this are through laughter, smiling and a show of proper manners. We can hold these gifts all in a unique place in our hearts.  Each available to be shared with everyone we meet.

The best Fun is Fun that is Fun for everyone, so, have Fun.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

belly laughter

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