The Heart of Mother Earth

Mother EarthIt could be said that gently tilling the earth is the purest form of appreciation for our planet. Massaging the soil and blending the sleeping ingredients for life, releases the magic. With each new seed planted, a bond of trust grows between the planter and the Earth. In our hearts, we know that Mother Earth will tend to each seed as it grows into a seedling and shortly after a magnificent flora.

Depending on the seed, the magic will give a beautiful flower, marvelous fruit or vegetable or a mighty shrub or tree. As we watch the magical growth, we feel a loving connection to the sprout. Just as it is a ward of the Earth, it becomes our responsibility as well. With water, racking and tending our garden flourishes with all kind of variety.

It feels like it is our role to give the Earth the respect it deserves just as we give our bodies the nourishment needed to survive well, to enjoy another day.

Each day we take some time to tend or appreciate our home, keeping weary not to tread too hard on the delicate terra firma. The Earth is a great home seemingly unique in the solar system. With sincere gratitude and love, we embrace our Mother Earth, for all she gives us in our daily lives.

Taking a moment to think of our wonderful planet

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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