We are Everything

everything mattersEverything Matters

Yesterday as we were walking down the boardwalk at Jones Beach, which we do quite often, a thought came to mind. With each step, we realized our feet were indirectly touching everything. The boardwalk touches the sand, the sand reaches the ocean. The ocean hugs all the land and kisses the atmosphere.

Then it occurred to us that we like all living things on earth, ingest, digest and expel matter, recycling it organically as we eat, breath and excrete all day along. Through the magic of regeneration, all particles go through this process to be used over and over again.

cosmic everythingToday, we may be part of an old oak that dropped in the forest eons ago. Worms and fungus lived happily off the decaying tree until a bird came by and ate it. The tree became part of the bird. The bird sat near the shore, and a large seal came by and had a snack. Through many channels, finally, the particles that were once a tree entered our home by way of food.

Everything is part of everything and touches all. This means we are part of everything and everyone, existing all at the same time. Naturally, everything in the physical universe was once stardust, the magical ingredient which became all through creative divinity. Maybe this was all part of the universal plan.

To have peace with ourselves, we must then find peace in all.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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