It Starts in the Mind

The Expanding Mind

Energy of the MindFirst, we think it then we do it. It sounds like a simple formula to get things done or to create something new. Not being magicians, there is a little bit more to the equation but not much.

The strongest magnetic feeling is desire. To desire is to want something very strongly. That is where creation begins, inside the mind, when we notice something we want or want to do. Wow, the energy that is mustered when the mind gets an idea about something and won’t let go. It’s amazing.

So how do we get the thought out of our head into our world? We plan we work, we dream. Then we hold the idea fixed so close to our heart nothing can deter our determination. We do every day all that can be done, moving toward the goal with the highest amount of effectiveness possible.

This mind is a great thing and has a fantastic way of showing the way to our dreams. All we have to do is envision the goal, have faith we can do it, Stay dedicated, and live in extreme appreciation that we are already there.

The willingness to work toward a goal starts with the mind’s desire, planted in the heart of the spirit driving steadily forward.

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