Sending out ‘Good Vibrations’

What does it mean for us to have good vibrations?

Emotions reverberate from within ourselves outwardly and have an effect on everything around us. This list is some of the good vibrations that we are trying to establish within ourselves. We believe if we practice feeling these emotions, the best we can, it will have an incredible effect on our family, friends and everyone we know.

Good Vibrations

  • Love – Love is the gravity that units humankind, nature and spirit. Even unspoken, the feeling of love flows continually as it is given and received back.
  • Joy – Joy is jubilant happiness. Joy is the power behind all action, difficult or easy. As we enjoy life and our daily toil, our creations and activity send extreme exhilaration to all.
  • Serenity – Serenity is peace of mind. It is a knowingness within oneself that one is positively doing their best in every endeavor. Also, it is accepting anything that is out of one’s control. This state of calm enables the mind to remain open to all possibilities.
  • Happiness – Being happy is a beautiful state of contentment. Relishing what one is doing or not doing, creates pleasure and ease in life’s existence.
  • Faith – Faith is more than belief. Having faith is an internal knowingness that even if something is not seen or has not come to pass, it still exists or will in the future. Faith is the strength of resolve.
  • Hope – Hope gives the purpose of carrying on, hope can cure illness, and hope can inspire change. Hope given to others can raise someone up from despair to promise.
  • Compassion – The warmth of compassion opens one’s eyes to see the less fortunate. It removes indifference and replaces it with true altruism and understanding. Compassion is contagious and spreads to all that witness or receives this kindness.
  • Empathy/Sympathy – Sharing other people’s feelings leads to the familiarity with one another. This is communication expressed through emotion. Emotions tell us how our companions are feeling so we can understand what they are trying to say. When empathy or sympathy is shown to others, they know we are genuinely listening to them or seeing them.

Musical Vibrations
Practicing sending out our ‘Good Vibrations’ makes us feel good inside. As our caring emotions resonate, we aspire to have a good effect that can be welcomed positively by all. This is our contribution given with sincerity to our life, family, friends and our world.

When singing a song, sing the good notes.
When Painting the world, color in the brightest of hues.
When telling a tale, write it with sweet loving words.
Whatever we do,
whatever we say,
the highest vibrations will make everyone’s day.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread GoodwillMore Good Vibrations

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