When Stars Align

The Magic in the Stars

stars alignThere are some wonderful times when the stars align. Sometimes they don’t but when they do it is like magic. It would be great if we could find the perfect formula that creates the spectacular moments of the alignment. Is it persistence, determination, desire, faith or sheer will? Maybe the magic is in the perfect combination of all. When we truly desire something and act with persistence and determination combining a little faith and willpower we can create. Voila, the stars seem to align.

good luckIs it luck or opportunity meeting preparation? Luck happens all the time, but if we are not ready to receive the chance, we can’t see it. We find ourselves saying, that would be nice. But, when we are prepared for the alignment of luck, wow, something great happens and the stars align.

Whatever it is that we set our mind out to do, we know it’s the combination of everything positive, or otherwise, that determines the outcome.

The best thing we can do is prepare to deliver and be ready for all the luck that comes our way.


Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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