Good Vibrations

Vibrations From The Inside

I want, I want, I want, what are we really thinking as we utter these two powerful words. Maybe the vibrations are saying ‘I don’t have,’ ‘Can’t do it,’ ‘Something is missing.’ Saying ‘I would like to do something,’ is much different than going out and just doing it. Going out and creating something that is wanted is different than repeating one’s desires into the universal mind.
There is no doubt that we do want things and achievements. But, as we consider them are we putting a stop on the momentum because we feel we can’t achieve them. Sometimes yes and also sometimes no. We believe the energy to desire is stronger than the obstacle we place in front of ourselves. We just slow ourselves down.

So we now are being a little more open about thinking about how great our life is as it is. We eat each day, we sleep in a cozy room on a comfy mattress. These thoughts do not hinder our momentum forward but instead, give us the drive to push ourselves forward. We then have possibilities of creation as we use our amazing creative thought without the feeling of wanting. For the most part, we are also happy most of the time. These are all the circumstances we can draw upon to get into a good vibration with what we are trying to do day to day.

This takes some practice because up to recently some of our considerations included what was missing in our lives. The constant barrage of commercials and media about things we should have makes us feel we need to have the items advertised. Okay, we love our Ipads, sports cars, and other cool toys. But when we think we have to have these things or need to have them, we are also putting out the thought that we don’t have them.

If the desire is stable without the needy pang of not having, and the willingness to achieve the goal is in the vibration, abracadabra, everything is there for the taking. Stuff, achievement, knowledge, well-being is the fruit on our very own cherry tree.

How do we know we are on target? We ask ourselves one simple question; ‘How do we feel?’

Be Well, Have Gratitude, Spread Goodwill

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