Love is Love

Love is LoveLove is the Unifier

Affinity, gravity, affection, and connection are many associated terms we apply to the ever elusive word of love. Many other ‘socially accepted replacement’ words are taking love’s place. So much so that the word LOVE appears to have diminished in its power. The emotion expressed in many different words still is the same feeling. Though love itself comes in many forms, we can call it what it is. Love is the intense feeling of emotion that gives us joy. The sentiment itself cannot diminish.

Like gravity which can gently hold down one person as easy as it holds down all the billions of unattached matter on the planet, love is infinite. The emotion given away freely to a million people, places, and things will still be in ample supply. Its counterpart hate, cannot boast the same power.

Disdain empties the cup which affinity easily overflows

Hating is exhausting and requires a massive expenditure of personal energy and causes physical and social wear and tear. Hate and the spreading of hate need propaganda, and its power wears thin if not properly cultivated.

Love is inexhaustible and invigorates the giver and receiver to the point of miraculous effect. It can bring out the best in the worst as well as make the best better. We can find the love in everything around letting the inner energy flow outward creating a better world for all. Loving can make the disagreeable, agreeable without any expenditure of effort other than giving love.

The best and worst times of our lives can be improved hundredfold with just a little love in our hearts.

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill.

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