The Two Choices

Everyone has Choices

There are two choices of directions one can focus on, where they are going and where they have been. Everyone has a history, education, and memories and these are very important. Each gives the mind a treasure trove of information to cherry pick when making choices or deciding on a right course of action.

Dwelling on past errors or misfortunes over and over and over again will ultimately slow progression forward. Dwelling on the recent victories or moments of grandeur feels good and may get the creative engine going. Still one must look forward to continuing to move forward. The mind is a magical information retrieval system which can pull up needed information quickly.

The Car

Consider driving a car. As the car is cruising down the highway, another vehicle comes quickly onto the road. The approaching vehicle pulls abruptly into the lane almost causing an accident. Although the incident is upsetting and even scary, we don’t find ourselves looking backward over our shoulder over and over again to look at that on-ramp or the offending car. Indeed, there is something valuable learned, and the experience will be stored. With eyes forward, we keep driving. As we approach a new on-ramp, we see a car. Our mind pulls up the incident reminding us to be a little cautious. With practice, each new on-ramp becomes less and less burdensome, yet our mind’s eye keeps a look out for the unexpected without our consciously rehashing the earlier occurrence.

As we move through time enjoying our travels of a lifetime, there will be moments of turbulence and hopefully even more moments of jubilation. Each experience properly stored will serve us well as we approach each new challenge.

Life is an Experience

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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