Feeling Golden

Flowing those Golden Feelings

Feeling Golden PowerWe are kind of technical individuals and are very interested in how things work. Often we watch educational channels because we love to learn about new things. One of the programs we saw on the science channel was about conductors. The narrator talked about the different metals used to conduct electricity. As it turns out, some metals are better than others.

It seems that gold is one of the best conductors of electricity. The problem with conducting electricity has to do with resistance and elemental deterioration. The amount of resistance in particular metals affect the flow of power causing the metal to heat up and begin to break down. The resistance increases with oxidation and other elemental factors. Gold seems to overcome the problem of resistance and is quite resilient to the elements.

We are the Conductors

We envision thought and emotion in the same way. Thoughts could be considered as the electricity that powers our creations. Emotions or how we feel is the conductor in which our thoughts flow. If we had a thought and were feeling very good, the idea would flow freely. For example, if an idea came to mind about wanting to go camping while feeling happy, we may quickly find ourselves at a beautiful campground. This higher emotion could be called ‘Feeling Golden.’

On the other hand, thoughts trying to flow through negative emotions would encounter the resistance of our feelings. Rainy dayEven if the impression was positive, it might be difficult to accomplish or bring into actuality. Here is the same example. If we wanted to go camping but were feeling lousy, all sorts of obstacles could come into view giving us ample reasons why we could not go camping. This lower emotion could be called ‘Feeling Wolfram.’ (Electricity flows slowly through Wolfram. This metal also known as tungsten is usually used in resistors. Gotta love the science channel.)

The Synergy Flows

We are conductorsThoughts and emotions synergistically affect each other. Happy or sad thoughts will raise or lower emotions respectively. Emotions affect the kinds of notions that flow from the mind. Of the two, luckily we can control thoughts. The goal is to get emotion to the highest level of ‘Feeling Golden.’

Continually recalling or remembering good moments will inevitably lift feelings. If the goal is to have creative ideas that flow freely, then the best course of action would be to start with having some happy thoughts. Even during sad moments or loss, thinking of loving and happy moments helps emotions uplift and begins the healing process.

A little helium for the heart

helium for the heartEach day we can practice uplifting our emotions, so we ‘Feel Golden.’ Thinking about happy moments, giving gratitude for all the blessings in our lives and looking forward to the incredible journey ahead of us creates a feeling of jubilation and high expectation.

Today we are ‘Feeling Golden.’ We wish the same for you.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

Feeling Golden

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