Are we labeled for what we do? Or, become what we are labeled?

Labeled or not the label… That is the question

LabeledThe labels we give ourselves or given to us can be a problem. A son, a mother, a teacher or a doctor are identifying labels but are not who we are. We shouldn’t spend our days making our way based on a labeled identity. A person who is someone’s son can play the drums, so is the son a drummer too. We could get so busy collecting tags we lose our original self.

An inspirational teacher is a person who inspires. A drummer is a person that drums. A son is a person born as a boy.
In conversion, these identities help with communicating, yet the worded label is not the individual. Each defines something about ourselves. Sometimes the Label sticks so firmly even if we like or not.

When we see a beautiful rose and smell its aroma, it is ourselves that sees and sniffs. It is not the dentist, writer, daughter or the smeller of roses. The observation is individual and experienced somewhere aloft and beyond tags or ID’s that some association gives us.

We can enjoy drumming and become an excellent drummer. We can write and create some excellent compositions. We can be people of goodwill by merely doing kind acts yet still just be ourselves.

So who are we if not a label, tag, or ID? Since we believe we are more than a physical body with a labeled identity, we search for the answer daily, with faith and guided wisdom. For now, we practice being our authentic selves, without the label, enjoying everything we do.

Just being ourselves day to day, who else should we be?

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

Labeled Identity

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