The Moment of Success

successWhen is our moment of success?

As we look at those we deem successful, we see only the appearance of a person of accomplishment. If we were to look at their genesis, would the opinion of their success be slightly different? We would see the errors, the toil, and the commitment. We would look at the sacrifices, the endless nights and missed birthdays or events. Would we judge them on all the mistakes or wrong turns? Alternatively, would we cheer them on with each new moment of glory?

The moment of success and failure is at the genesis. The beginning is both and neither. Success and failure are all the events that happen from the moment we begin a quest to the moment we quit or achieve it. We have learned that not all apparent failing leads to failure nor do victories ensure good fortune. The test is overtime as we overpower shortcomings and strengthen resolve.

Each day is a new beginning. If the day is successful, we may be closer to our goal. A day riddled with turmoil and errors is okay too. If we learn from the mistake and blow off the chaos, we may still be close to reaching our goal.

Success is the act of never giving up or surrendering. This philosophy is in almost every great person’s biography.
As we write the biography of our life, we hope to have the same theme with the same positive philosophy and a happy ending.

For us, success is in the striving toward a goal with determination to move forward meeting each new challenge and learning from all the probable blunders.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Good Will

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