There are many different philosophies, disciplines, and states of being in the world. Many seem to feel and fit into our personal life model perfectly. Some particularities do not fit very well.

Our personal growth paradigm is to adopt what feels right and works in our life. We call it borrowing. With this practice, we can embrace all the things we love in any culture, philosophy or person we meet. Becoming a patchwork of multiple disciplines opens a world of amazing possibilities for us.

For some reason, there is a thought paradigm that seems to imply that when one characteristic of a moral is adopted, the rest of the doctrine needs to also be utilized. We feel this shouldn’t be the case.

Here is an example, a person is a conventional thinker and also loving, loyal, and well mannered. Maybe we are a little less traditional in our considerations. Yet, some of the conventional views and mannerisms work well in our life. We can take those parts and characteristics to practice in our daily lives. This does not define our personal life model. Instead, it broadens our viewpoint to be open-minded to others perspective.

We also enjoy some parts of each of the many spiritual philosophies that exist today, many of which share similar principles. By borrowing the elements that feel right to us, we can build upon an infinite spirituality. This open-minded approach may break down barriers which may have existed otherwise.

Each day we look around and borrow and absorb the best we see in everyone. As we grow, learn, and create we hope that we can leave a trail behind us for others to borrow as well.

With different minds come different points-of-views, with open eyes comes understanding.

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

Borrowing Ideas

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