The Plenty of Time Countdown

Warped- timeUsing Time Wisely

Time is an issue when divided into the things we have to do and things we want to do. We often feel we do not have enough of it. In a 24 hour day, we sleep for 8 hours, more or less. This mandatory time leaves 16 hours per day for activity.

Work Days

Work is 8 hours a day for most. 8 hours left. 1 hour to get ready for work. 7 hours left. Housekeeping and daily maintenance, eating, etc. 2 hours. 5 hours left. 2 hours of commute back and forth to work. 3 hours left. Walking or exercising 1 hour. 2 hours left per day.¬† 10 hours left during the weekday to chill or improve one’s life.


Time Warp32 total hours per weekend for activity. Of course, there are home chores and cleaning so we can do this fast. Maybe in 5 hours still leaving 27 free hours. If we walk or exercise, we use up 2 hours. Leaving 25 free hours for chilling, spending time with friends, family, and pets or improving our lifestyle.

Free Time

For the most part, there can be up to 35 hours a week to be with friends, family and our pets, improve ourselves or hang out and chill. Though sometimes not always a reality, yet a goal.

Forgoing unexpected events, we could find plenty of free time if we use our time wisely.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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