Following Your Gut

Gut-Brain-Head-Brain AllianceThere have been some fantastic scientific studies that have found evidence that our gut or somewhere around the stomach has a neuro-web of nerves that thinks. They call it the gut-brain. The gut-brain communicates in feelings instead of words. Most have experienced a moment of warning or weariness that have told of foreboding circumstances. Sometimes when we do not follow our gut, we may have wished we did.

We consider the analytic part of our thinking which seems to flow through the head-brain. It is the intelligence that is navigating to the desired goal. Then we can put it together with the ‘feeling’ or ‘instinctive’ gut-brain which tells us we are going in the right or wrong direction. How can we understand what each is trying to communicate to us? We think it is emotion.

Emotion could be said to be our compass. When we are having good emotions such as happiness, bliss or contentment the head-brain and gut-brain are in most alignment. This would mean we are moving in the correct direction. Yet when the emotions become sad, angry, or scared the alignment is starting to fall off. This would indicate we are off course. It is like a game of Hot and Cold.

As we move away from our goals, we feel poorly or cold, colder than freezing. We can then change our direction. As the emotions feel warm, warmer, steaming hot, we are back on track and feeling good again.

Could a bliss life be so easy as following your gut-brain as it steers you to your heart’s desire by feeling? Why not.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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