The Power of ‘Not Knowing’

Not KnowingHonoring ‘Not Knowing’

There seems to be some sort of dishonor in ‘Not Knowing.’ This stigma can lead us to believe whatever we are told without investigating the facts for ourselves. If the individual that is imparting quasi-knowledge has enough authority over us, we may fear to question the facts. As we fill our minds with opinions disguised as knowledge, we lose room for actuality and are left with only unproven information. Even if the things we believe are factually correct, each is not entirely true to us until the knowledge is supported by evidence. Unfortunately, the obscure facts could inevitably lead to mistakes, frustrations and ultimately failure.

To correct this, we need to reexamine our facts and truths. The ones that are accurate can be accepted as knowledge. Any that are fictional can be safely dismissed, making room for more information. Many of the facts which turn out to be correct become more usable. Some will be partial truths or even complete falsities that have been handed down from generation to generation. Many historical concepts also change with time and newly acquired knowledge.

IntegrityOur Integrity

As we redefine ourselves with clear knowingness, we can still accept some of our beliefs. We may feel strongly about them even if we do not have complete proof. The integrity is in understanding the difference between our opinions and our knowledge. It is essential to have the willingness not to pass off our theories as facts until verified. With study, research and experience, we can concrete our presumptions into true knowingness which will give us the confidence to express ourselves with certainty.

magic fictionToday’s Truth is Tomorrow’s Fiction

The facts we are sure about today may be the old wives’ tales of the future. Remember poor Galileo was imprisoned for life, in 1615, for disproving the world was flat. Many great thinkers of today were considered to be heretics in the past. So we stay wary of facts and verify our knowledge the best we can.

In the quest for knowledge and truth, remember there is tremendous power in ‘Not Knowing.’

Be well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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