Make Love the AutoResponder to Hate

Respond to Hate with Love

Respond to hate with loveHate is not the opposite of love. Love is the power to oppose hatred and that is different. Hate like jealousy, envy or greed is the darker side of the beautiful human spirit. We begin to hate something when the harmony of affinity starts to go out of alignment. When we feel the heat of this venom, we must respond to hate with love.

When allowing our desires to get out of control, we become jealous that someone has better stuff denying our self-love. Jealousy, the green monster, leads us to forget what is great about our life. Greed leads us down a path to the anguish that makes us feel like we are starving even though we have just eaten. Envy diminishes our power by making us believe others are better off or just better.

Autoresponder Love-ButtonHate like acid eats away at our body, creates sickness and stifles any creativity. Once we decide to love, we can feel the burden of hateful emotions ease. With each loving thought, I love ice cream; I love me; I love my cat; hate is chipped away unveiling the incredible individual once encased in the darkness of the moment.

Once we find the way out of the bitter moment, we can examine why we were feeling this emotion. As we recognize the cause, avoidance becomes easy as we find solutions or forgiveness, embracing the lesson. If hate is the red light of warning then love is the green light of freedom.

Each day, as we live positively, monitoring our emotions or feelings, each tells us if we are still on course or if we need to adjust our direction.

It feels difficult at first, as we practice each day answer adversity with love, loving kindliness becomes the auto-response.

When someone shows hate, send love. When someone hurts feelings, send love. Love is the ultimate AutoResponder.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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