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First Thought of Self-CommitmentWhat is the first thought that goes through our mind when we first wake up? This consideration comes up a lot while we are living positively 365 days a year. Sometimes for us, it’s the ‘Snooze Button’ or ‘The Bed is too Comfy.’ After a few moments of considering whether to get up or not, our good sense takes over, and we remember our self-commitment. Usually, the thought of our self-commitment includes the nightly reminder of purposes and goals coupled with the faith that we will achieve them.

Self-commitment may be the most important commitment one makes to oneself. It is the commitment to take care of the Do Something creativegift of a fantastic body and infinite mind. We are also blessed with the free will to do with these gifts as we see fit. One of the most significant choices we can make in the spirit of free will is to ‘Do something’ or ‘Do nothing.’ If we really want something strong enough, the usual response is to ‘Do something’ about it. Desire is the mind’s or body’s communication to have something for its pleasure. This communication could be ‘I’m Hungry’ or ‘I would like to have that nice outfit.’ As we adhere to the thing that is wanted, we make a commitment. Now comes the work. Using the same mind, we devise a way to get what we want.

Action after LOA

Even with the consideration of the law of attraction, which is a door opener for possibilities, action must happen. Once angratitude and Thankful opportunity presents itself some sort of work is required. Now the choice comes into play. Do Something or Do Nothing. If the commitment to self is strong enough and the opportunity aligns, the decision should be, Do something. Otherwise, the opportunity will pass, and the desire is unfulfilled.

Learn, Listen and Go, go, go

Self HappinessOpening one’s mind to the desire to do or have something is just the first step. There are plenty of texts, audios, and videos to rev up the creativity inside. Once the creative juices are flowing it is up to the individual to act.

As we create our envisionment every day, we stay open to opportunities, evaluate and then decide whether or not to take action. Taking into account our self-commitment, we weigh and balance the most beneficial course of action and create the best version of our vision.

A promise made to self is strong
Once fulfilled you can’t go wrong
Self-commitment grants one’s skill
to use the power of free will

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

be Mindful

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