The Lifted Weight of Grace

Through Darkness Grace ShinesThere has never been a word spoken that bears so much responsibility. Grace is beauty, forgiveness, dignity, and thanksgiving. All these meanings give hope, appreciation, compassion, and self-inspiration. To find grace in oneself is to feel genuine empowerment. Not in a self-absorbed way.

This empowerment is the ability to give more than is taken. With beauty comes joy. With forgiveness, hatred subsides into compassion. Through dignity, morals and integrity strengthen. By giving thanks and appreciation, additional blessings soon follow.

Forgiveness is the light of hopeWe can be angry with those who hurt us. With anger, the best parts of our being become clouded in the darkness of discord. Only through grace, self-forgiveness, and acceptance can we feel relief. With time, the release of ill will returns artistic beauty, self-love, and life’s miracles as we move forward.

Although we will not stand in the way of the injustice of past trespassers again, we can find grace and lighten the burden they left in our hearts.

Forgiveness, Dignity, Beauty, and Gratitude lead to the empowerment of Grace. We have learned from those who embrace the presence of grace, it has inspired our hearts to be better people.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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