Understanding the Bull in the China Shop

Understanding the BullNo Bull About it

A bull went into a china shop and smashed all the beautiful trinkets scatter around the store. The store owner was angry at the bull and started to yell at him. He told the bull that he was foolish and owed him lots of money. The bull did not have money and was sent to jail. It was taken to the local pound and fenced in. The bull stayed in the pasture and grazed.

chinaWas the bull feeling guilty for the harm caused? Did the bull intentionally enter the shop to smash as many items as possible? Should have we forgiven the unwitting animal despite our unhappiness for all the destroyed stuff? Indeed, the bull is not intelligent enough to understand the effect of his actions. It’s just a bull.

Justice is Served

If a person without enough facts, did something harmful without the intent to cause harm, is the person at fault? Of course, the person is at fault. People are hopefully more intelligent than a bull. Yet, there could be a lack of education, missing information, or cultural divides that affect the behavior. How do we react when this happens? Our answer is justice is Servedunderstanding. We try to see the other persons preceptive and the factors that led to the transgression. If amends are required, then the violation is handled justly.

Granted some people may go out and cause intentional harm and this is sad. Still, there would need to be understanding. Ultimately, retribution would be called into action. The severest reckoning is self-justice. Whether intentional or unintentional, the harmful act is handled accordingly by the natural law of accountability. Even when civil legislation is utilized to resolve disputes, there will always be the personal conscience to contend with.

Every day we check our intentions and actions. It is ideal that we do not cause harm to anyone, but sometimes it happens. If it does we hope for understanding and are willing to make good on any of our deeds.

When in doubt let your conscience be your guide. When in error make amends.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwillmake amends

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