The Pros in the Cons

The Pros and Cons

Pros and ConsOften when we are deciding on the Pros vs. the Cons in a given course of action more likely than not, it is the cons the give us directions. For instance, if we were addicted to cigarettes and in reasonably good health, the choice to quit is still the wiser action. Yet when we weigh the Pros and Cons, ‘Good future Health’ vs. ‘Verses painful nicotine withdrawal’ unfortunately the Cons wins.

On the other hand, given the same addiction. Cigarette smoking leads to lousy health later in life, sometimes sooner. When many reach this point, the weight of the Pros and Cons change. Pro ‘Face the painful nicotine withdrawal and live longer’ vs. ‘Continue to satisfy the nicotine addiction and have a shorter lifespan’ For most the Cons will drive forward towards the Pros. We feel many people given a choice with a ‘longer life’ tagged on, life will usually win every time. Most would say the withdrawals didn’t even affect them.

How can we put this to work with less dire circumstances? We feel it is best to make the outcome a mental reality in our mind. If we can envision the best possible result vs. the worst possible result, the Cons can press us toward the desired effect. Live Great vs. Live Badly. The rest of the equation just gets us up and into action.

When we list the Pros and Cons, we can use our Cons to push us forward.

Be Well, Have Gratitude and Spread Goodwill

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